John Kerry’s wife releases personal income and tax information – You Decide 2004 – Heinz Kerry Releases Personal Tax Info: “LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Teresa Heinz Kerry may be the richest potential first lady ever to hit the campaign trail, having earned more than $5 million in taxable and non-taxable income last year.”

So, John Kerry’s wife, Teresa, finally bowed to pressure and released her personal income and tax information. By the numbers, she earned $5,115,000 in gross income last year and paid $750,000 towards her 2003 federal, state, and local income taxes at the time of an extension filing.

An obligatory quotation from Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, who is estimated to have a net worth of close to $500 million and is heiress to the H.J. Heinz family fortune, “While I am not a candidate for any public office, a great deal of my financial information has been disclosed for many years on my husband’s Senate Ethics Disclosure, and now that he is a presidential candidate, with the Office of Government Ethics. John and I believe this strikes a balance between my family’s privacy and the media’s requests for more financial information.”

While I support John Kerry’s bid to be President of the United States, I definitely think her extraordinary wealth coupled with his aristocratic upbringing and pompous lifestyle is a serious turn-off. That may not go over well with many working poor Americans who are struggling to make end’s meat or those who have lost jobs due to outsourcing — a practice employed by many companies to send work offshore to countries with low wages and low costs of living. On the other hand, those same people may be able to look past his wife’s financial fortune and his own 2003 adjusted gross income of $395,338 with the collective hope of serving Mr. Bush his pink slip and sending him packing back to Crawford, Texas. I’m optimistic they can and will in November.


4 thoughts on “John Kerry’s wife releases personal income and tax information

  1. hey I dislike snobby douchebags too, but he seems like a good guy dispite his wealth… plus, notice it’s from FOX news — why aren’t they pressuring Bush to disclose all of his families’ wealth? oh almost forgot, FOX news is fair and balanced.

    I’d rather have a JFK look-alike and Ketchup woman as first lady than have Dubya Bush asking “god” whether or not he should invade Iraq.

  2. I’m not claiming FOX News is unbiased, far from it. However, as proof that I am unbiased, I’ll quote a news service I don’t like. As well, I strongly support Kerry for President as I think he has a lot of good to offer.

    By the way, if you want to find out about Bush’s finances, I would recommend checking out the Federal Elections Commission Web site and search for Bush filings. Plus, sitting Presidents must also disclose their entire tax returns. Presumably you can get those from the EOP, OMB, or IRS? Wow, holy alphabet soup, Doug! (Those stand for Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, and Internal Revenue Service, respectively.)

  3. speaking of Executive Office, what’s with all these “Executive Orders” he’s been making lately? you’d think we live in a dictatorship!

  4. Presidents have always had the constitutional and legislative authority to proclaim certain things, by way of Executive Orders. However, orders are limited in scope as to what they can do. It’s not really a dictatorship. Basically, you couldn’t sue someone for breaking an executive order or couldn’t be criminally charged for breaking such an order. Also, when he proclaims something a special day, he cannot make it a paid statutory holiday — that requires Congress to pass legislation. He could only say, “By the power vested in me as President of the United States, I hereby proclaim 14 May 2004 National Norwegian-American Ancestry Appreciation Day.” (If you’re wondering what made me use Norwegian in the above example, it’s a reference to my heritage. I’m 25% Norwegian, 25% Irish and 50% British with a small bit of German thrown in.) It’s unclear whether his proclamations of special days can occur every year, or if it’s a one-time event.

    At any rate, there are definite limits. Basically, Executive Orders are like Orders-in-Council in Canada and other Commonwealth nations where the Prime Minister and his Cabinet can make orders, political appointments, cabinet shuffles, departmental reorganization, etc. In many ways though, the President has less power than in Canada.

    One interesting tidbit: President Bush has not used his power of veto once since he was sworn into office in 2001. He may very well be the first in U.S. history to never veto a bill. (That may also be because, except for a period of about nine months in 2002, Republicans have controlled both the House and Senate chambers. However, he also likes to say he’s bipartisan.)


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