Shutdown rumors swirl around Interplay

Shutdown rumors swirl around Interplay: “Today, however, unconfirmed reports began to surface that the publisher was indeed shutting down. Several stock- and Interplay-game-related sites claimed to have received reports from Interplay employees that they were told by the company’s human resources department to file for unemployment insurance. According to the sites, staffers were also told to collect their belongings by 5 p.m. PDT on Tuesday because the property managers were preparing to lock all Interplay employees out of their Irvine offices.”

GameSpot, a CNET Networks Web property, also reports that the storied computer gaming publisher of famous titles like Starcraft, Star Reach, and Star Trek: Judgment Rights — to name a few, has shut down its Web site and e-mail server meaning all e-mail messages sent to company employeess or executives are bounced back. This has been confirmed by me, as well.

So, it’s a sad end to a remarkable gaming company that, like Sierra, produced many great early computer game titles. Ah well, I suppose some game companies eventually need to be put out to pasture.


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