Google acquires Picasa

Google Acquires Picasa: “Google Inc. today announced it acquired Picasa, Inc., a Pasadena, Calif.-based digital photo management company. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.”

Interesting. It was actually only a matter of time (and haggling over a buyout price, most likely) before Google acquired Picasa, maker of the Picasa digital photo management software package and the peer-to-peer photo sharing application Hello. The two struck a technology partnership in May 2004 in which Google’s Blogger service used Hello to enable its users to share photographs on their blogs.

Even more interesting, until being acquired by Google today, Picasa was owned by well-known Internet company incubator Idealab, which founded before renaming it Overture Services and spinning it off in a successful initial public offering. Overture was the pioneer of paid search and is now owned by Internet behemoth Yahoo!, as you no doubt know by now. Other companies wholly owned by Idealab include:,,, and


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