Battle for leadership of the B.C. Liberal Party brewing?

Political Connections: Job From Hell: Liberals’ 2005 Campaign Boss: “Not only is Campbell unpopular, he is also practically the only public face of his government. And then there is the growing dissent factor. Rumours reaching Political Connections say Solicitor General Rich Coleman is putting together a “just in case” leadership team for the possibility that Campbell resigns before the May 17, 2005, election. Not to push the leader out the door, just to be ready.”

Bill Tieleman, the brilliant columnist for the left-leaning Georgia Straight newspaper and CBC political commentator, writes in a recent Political Connections column that B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Rich Coleman is preparing for a possible run for Leader of the B.C. Liberal Party. Premier Gordon Campbell is the party’s current leader but may be forced to resign because of his immense unpopularity across the province stemming from his government’s failed privatization schemes, his January 2003 arrest and subsequent conviction on driving under the influence of alcohol while vacationing in Maui, the joint Victoria Police-RCMP raids on the B.C. legislature in December 2003 in connection to drugs and organized crime, the corruption scandals in the embattled Ministry of Children and Families, and their extreme hard line against labour unions.

Moreover, from my perspective, Coleman, who is said to be more of a moderate or centrist, may be the BC Liberals’ only hope for earning a second term in the May 2005 provincial election. The right-wing ideologue of Gordon Campbell is arguably the most unpopular premier in B.C. history — with a 65 percent disapproval rating.

Nonetheless, Tieleman’s column is a terrific read. It’s relatively short, too, at only 28 paragraphs.

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