AOL selects Omniture for Web analytics

America Online Selects Omniture To Provide Web Analytics: “Omniture, provider of the most mature and comprehensive technology for web analytics, today announced that America Online, Inc., has selected Omniture’s state-of-the-art hosted web analytics solution, SiteCatalyst™, to provide analytics across all of AOL’s worldwide properties and services.”

Interesting development — and excellent news for the Web analytics service provider industry as it’s a sign the market has matured when a multinational conglomerate like AOL has signed up as a customer. (As an aside, Omniture, formerly known as the Web portal before it reinvented its business post-dot-com crash, counts eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and VeriSign as customers.)

Josh James, chief executive officer of Omniture, summed up partnership elegantly, “When you consider that AOL is a microcosm of the Internet, we are sending a very powerful message to companies of all sizes that the on-demand delivery available from application service providers (ASP) is mature and ready for prime-time.” My thoughts exactly, Josh.


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