B.C. Deputy Premier suddenly resigns

B.C.’s deputy premier Christy Clark quits for ‘deeply personal’ reasons: “VICTORIA (CP) – Christy Clark, B.C.’s deputy premier and the highest-profile woman on the government front benches, has quit for “deeply personal” reasons and won’t seek re-election.

“Clark said Thursday she will sit as a private member until the next election May 17. She said her reasons are mostly personal due to her three-year-old son Hamish, who was born shortly after she was sworn into government. ‘He changed my life so profoundly. My family needs more of me now,’ Clark said.”

Wow, this comes as surprising news to political junkies like myself. Christy Clark, who has been Deputy Premier since the B.C. Liberal Party won the June 2001 election in a lopsided victory in which they captured 77 of 79 seats in the provincial Legislative Assembly of B.C., also served as Minister of Education from June 2001 until January 26, 2004, when she was moved to the lower profile, often troubled, but most important Minister of Children and Family Development portfolio. As well, it’s worth noting that Clark said she will continue to sit as a backbench MLA (which stands for Member of the Legislative Assembly) for her riding of Port Moody–Westwood, but would not seek re-election in May 2005.

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