AOL dumps IBM, marries Intel

Doug’s note: This is a re-post from an written opinion piece I posted on another weblogging service that I am consolidating here, on Doug’s Blog. It was originally posted Sunday, June 5th, 2005.

News that Apple is dumping long-time business partner IBM Corp. and marrying Intel Corporation beginning in 2006 is both shocking and a bit exciting. It’s shocking because Apple Computer has been using IBM’s, and previously Motorola spin-off Freescale Semiconductor’s, PowerPC line of microprocessors to power its successful niche high-end line of Macintosh personal computers pretty much since Apple Computer was founded in the 1980s. Now, I say high-end and niche because its market share hovers around two to three percent worldwide and its computers are far more powerful, sleek, stable, and crash-resistent than that of x86-based processors.

It’s exciting because of the potentially lucrative market Apple Computer will be able to embrace. Not only will Apple be able to more easily market its machines to x86-based computer users because programs designed for Microsoft Windows will have increased portability to Mac OSX, it will be able to compete with arch-rival Microsoft Corp. in the software and operating system market. Once it completes the transition to Intel processors by the end of 2006, it can sell Mac OSX to people with Microsoft Windows systems but want the OSX operating system for its stability, security, usability, and “eye candy” but don’t want to purchase a new computer such as a Macintosh-type system. It could probably sell OSX for between $169 and $199 USD.

The move is sure to satiate – if not downright please – Apple Computer stockholders, just as it has enthused me. People who know me will know that I’ve been hoping, and calling, for this for years.

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