Sullivan defeats Clark, for NPA mayoral nomination in Vancouver

‘A fighter, a survivor,’ Sullivan wins key battle: “Father really does know best. Sam Sullivan’s father, Lloyd, was calm in the nerve-wracking hours leading up to the announcement of Sullivan’s win over Christy Clark in the Non-Partisan Association mayoralty nomination yesterday.”

In a headline rivalling the New York Post’s famed “Dewey Defeats Truman” of the 1948 U.S. presidential election campaign climax, long-time and wheelchair-bound Vancouver city councillor Sam Sullivan pulled off the unfathomable and defeated former Minister of Education and Deputy Premier for the Province of B.C. Christy Clark to secure the mayoral nomination of the Non-Partisan Association. Only this time, the headline is true and Sullivan will go head-to-head in the November civic election against upstart electoral organization Vision Vancouver and its mayoral candidate, the left-leaning but popular Jim Green, who has been an advocate of affordable social housing and the renovation of the old Woodward’s commercial building into one such avenue of housing for the impoverished in the city of Vancouver. (Vision Vancouver’s slate includes current councillors Tim Stevenson and Raymond Louie, as well as several candidates to be named later and it does not intend to run school or parks board candidates. It is an offshoot electoral organization of the equally left-leaning Coalition of Progressive Electors (“COPE”), which is also running five council candidates, and formed from the Friends of Larry Campbell Society in recognition of popular one-term mayor and now The Honourable Senator Larry Campbell.)

It’s a shame Christy Clark did not secure the nomination, and although I would prefer to see Coun. Jim Green ultimately win the mayoral race November 19th, she would’ve put up one hell of a fight and made the race truly interesting. Sullivan’s views are too conservative and not so mainstream that he makes a very unappealing and unelectable candidate for mayor. I would certainly like to see Mrs. Clark run as an independent mayoral candidate to split the centre and right vote, allowing Mr. Green to coast to an easy victory. However, this is unlikely given she has pledged to work with Mr. Sullivan to get him elected. Nonetheless, Coun. Green will likely have to change his business cards to Mayor Jim Green come Nov. 20th – or whenever the City Clerk’s Office certifies and validates the election.

Footnote: Is it not very ironic that the civic electoral group, the Non-Partisan Association, uses the catchy “non-partisan” term as part of its very name yet the group’s very membership consists of federal Liberals and Conservatives, as well as old remaining B.C. Social Credit stalwarts, as a means of coming together under one banner to sling very pointed (and very partisan) attacks at both Vision Vancouver and COPE?


2 thoughts on “Sullivan defeats Clark, for NPA mayoral nomination in Vancouver

  1. It would have been interesting having Christy Clark as mayor–and I’m sure she would have been a good one. I liked her as education minister. I know Sam Sullivan’s brother and his wife, so know a little about him. He’s an honest man, and that means a lot in the political area today. I’m getting tired of even thinking “right” or “left,” I just want to see men of integrity leading this country. I quite liked the old mayor… too bad so many of his people had their own agendas.


  2. Yes, I liked Larry Campbell as mayor, too. His commitment to the people to run a plebiscite even though it was unpopular and many thought a negative result would hinder Vancouver’s chances of securing the Winter Olympics was truly a good example of people democracy at work. His tireless effort to renovating the Woodward’s building into part-commercial and part-affordable/low income housing as well as the harm-reducing drug injection site in the downtown Eastside were also great initiatives.

    Even Phillip Owen, though a little bit more hard-nosed and stodgy, was a pretty good mayor too for getting the ball rolling on the safe-injection site. So, it seems Vancouver is experiencing good decade or so with good, honest, and decent civic politicians.

    I don’t take a position on Sam Sullivan as I don’t know him. I’m sure he would be a decent mayor, provided he continues some of the policies initiated by Owen and Campbell. My support of Coun. Jim Green is purely based on what I see in the news media which leads me to believe he’s an honest, middle-class man as well (though he won’t be middle-class anymore if he wins the election with a $100,000+/year annual mayoral salary!) and the fact he’s supported by Campbell (Larry, that is).

    Thanks for your comments, Linda!


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