Eleven people, including CEO of offshore gambling website, face charges

Eleven people, including CEO of offshore gambling website, face charges: “FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP) – Federal officials have charged 11 people, including the CEO of a big gambling website, with conspiracy, racketeering and fraud for taking sports bets from U.S. residents.”

It’s about time the U.S. Department of Justice started cracking down on the explosion of online gambling Web sites, including sports wagering, but also virtual casino and poker table sites. I’ve been a big proponent of a clampdown for a long, long time.

Too much money is lost to gambling, in general, and unregulated, unlicensed, illegal offshore gambling, in particularly. Families are destroyed and people are left to rebuild shattered lives.

I can only hope Justice continues to lay the “smackdown”, to use a popular wrestling term for a sporting event I do not watch, and vigorously pursues other founders of popular gambling sites such as Bodog.com and its Canadian founder, Calvin Ayre.